Lasik makes you permanently myopic.

So a lot of people ask, “should I get lasik”, or “what’s wrong with lasik”.

Now, disregarding all the facts and cases of people that have become blind or significantly impaired from botched surgeries. And ignoring the fact that a lot of people find that their vision is worse than it was with glasses, we can simply look at what the surgery does.

It encourages permanent myopia. Why? Because myopia is a result of an elongated eyeball. What does lasik do? Point light farther back than your retina should be. Lasik encourages the eye to be long and stay long.

Now if we are admitting that myopia is a disease or an undesirable condition, then we must seek to cure or reverse it, not simply accept the bad and act as though nothing can be changed so we must use some kind of external tools. Lasik is sort of like getting a permanent tummy tuck (stomach stapling). Because a person doesn’t know how to eat right for whatever reasons be they emotional or informational and they eat more than they determine is good for them, a person could say okay let’s make your stomach smaller and then you’ll eat less. That will work, but it comes at a high price not to be scoffed at. Unlike The Cure For Blur which costs pennies compared to it and has no risks whatsoever.

There is a very real cause why a person’s vision is blurry. And that cause is important for their psychological growth – for their very existence.

Imagine you were a shy person and because of that you would slouch your head down and shoulders forward. Perhaps you don’t realize that you can overcome your shyness and walk openly and happily and proudly and meet people and have a great time socially, so you just live your life as a shy person. You have some friends, maybe some lovers, and perhaps a job where you’re not too happy but you’re too shy to complain or think that you deserve better. You do notice that your shoulders and neck hurt though and hear about Shasik Surgery which helps people stop slouching by simply shortening their shoulder and neck muscles through surgery – this way you are nice and tall all the time. People do it and lo and behold they’re walking tall and it looks pretty good! Sure some people complain that they feel they can’t move as much as before but for the most part everyone says they’re satisfied with the irreversible surgery…

If stress and strain cause blur, why not root out the source of the stress and strain and retrain yourself to live happily? The causes are important or the response is inappropriate.

Either something really bad is happening such as verbal or physical abuse or being trapped in an undesirable situation (keep in mind most people begin their blurry vision as minors). Or something not so bad is happening but one’s mind makes it appear so, for example a person might become very uncomfortable with their sexuality so instead of going and dancing and talking to people they shy away look down and feel a struggle that either subdues them into retreat or gets them to be passive aggressive self defeating etc…

These are worthwhile issues to resolve at their source.

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