Supplements for Vision Improvement

There are general recommendations I would make for a better vision diet and lifestyle. Those would include the basic prevention methods for diabetes such as:

  • eating a truly low fat diet (less than 20% of calories coming from fat)
  • eating much more than the USDA’s recommendations of fruits and vegetables
  • sleeping plenty and in proper environment (dark room with air flow)

However there also are two herbs/supplements I recommend. The first is bilberry:

Bilberry is a fruit that looks like blueberries and grows in the coldest climates including Norway and Finland.

Bilberry Fruit

I have been taking a supplement from a company called “Nature’s Life” and have noticed improvements. As usual it’s tough to tell whether it is the pill or the placebo, but it doesn’t really matter because either way the change is positive. Remember, the placebo is simply you harnessing your own power to a greater degree through ritual. Ritual works.

The second is eyebright. Eyebright is known by name in many languages as an herb to improve eyesight so that in itself is a good sign.

English – Eyebright

French – Casse Lunettes – translates to throw away glasses

German – Augentrost – translates to Eye Comfort

I do not remember the name in Italian but it is another similar one.

Here’s a picture of this beautiful plant:

So if you’re interested in trying out these supplements, I recommend them, but not as the primary method for vision improvement. I do not know of people that have just taken these supplements as their sole method of eyesight improvement and have been successful, but I haven’t asked around either.

Well, I hope this post finds you in good cheer. I have found some wonderful changes occurring lately and wish everyone the best in clarity and health.

– David

“I thought Eyesight has to do with heredity”

It’s common for people to think that your vision has to do with your genetics. People think that because they commonly notice that a child has glasses as does the parent and vice versa.

However, this does not mean that it is the genetics. Similar to this, we could look at obesity. Obese parents are more likely to have obese children, but is it because of their genetics or is it because of their behaviors? Obese people eat more calories and exercise less and they are selecting the food and much of the activities of their children.

Similarly, myopic and hyperopic parents are choosing to use glasses as a response to blurry vision and are essentially stuck in their ways, unless they begin to entertain the notion that there is a true cause to their blurry vision and that they can do something about it.

But the real data to look at is the staggering increases in myopia that have occurred in the last thirty years. I haven’t checked in a while, but last I read – in the 1970’s in the United States the rate of myopia was around 23% and now it is around 42%. One cannot attribute genetics as the cause of that jump because the genetics have not changed that much – but people’s behaviors are. Furthermore, in the African American community the rate of myopia increased around three fold from around 13% to 38%.

People are spending less time outdoors and more time indoors. That means less time relaxing and getting natural sunlight and looking to the distance and more time using unnatural light (some that are known to be harmful directly and others that simply mess with bio-rhythms) and more time in small enclosed areas literally staring at screens.

For more than just our eyes, there’s a big difference between a video of a forest and being in an actual forest. When you watch a video you can pretend that it’s 3d, but it’s not. However, that pretend process may be quite harmful to your eyes because you are staring at the same distance from yourself and not moving.

Vision is more than just about having acuity and sharp resolution. Vision is a dynamic interactive process with the world. Three dimensionality, quickness of environmental appraisal, and ability to process experience are fundamental parts of vision that need to be looked at.

I wish you greater clarity than you’ve known.