Eyesight Improvement is Not About “Exercise”

“I tried all these eye exercises and they didn’t work”… “I’m going to give up” “It is hard and it took too much time and I didn’t see results”

These are statements many people make, and it reflects their lack of understanding of this basic principle: RELAXATION. It is about being RELAXED. It is about RELAXING. It is about having less stress and MORE FREEDOM AND FUN TO BE WHO YOU ARE.

You should never do something that you strongly feel you shouldn’t do. Relaxing is doing what is best for your body. PERIOD. YOU KNOW when it’s right.


So it’s not about putting in work. It’s about doing what it takes to relax and not doing what you’ve been doing to be uptight.

There are people that are in “more stressful” conditions that are more relaxed than you.

Do you agree?


How to Save Money on Contacts

So you want to save money on contacts. Well you’re at the right site for that. I can teach you how to NEVER PAY A DIME FOR CONTACTS AGAIN. Too good to be true? It’s actually not. All you got to do is LEARN HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR EYESIGHT.

Contacts can cost $30 a month.

Glasses can cost as little as $9.95 for a pair that can last a lifetime. Check out goggles4u.com and you can buy a new pair for $19.95 (if the current $9.95 promotion  is not going on).

Why is a person that has improved his eyesight, literally deliberately broken and thrown away his glasses, because he knows they do not treat the cause and are unnecesary, why is this person recommending getting glasses?

Because they’re better than contacts in both price and ease of removal.

The point is, with glasses, you can take them off and keep them off and only put them on easily when you “need” to see something immediately. So if you have to drive put them on.

OTHER than driving there are no situations that REQUIRE glasses. If you disagree with that please comment and tell me why you NEED glasses for something. I understand of course that having the ability to read from a distance is valuable but in what cases is it a situation where if you can’t read it from a distance you will undergo a significant hardship or be unable to function?

Either way, people are not going to constantly take their contacts off and put them back in, but they can with glasses.

Minimizing the time use with lenses means maximizing the time without. Removing lenses is key to improving eyesight so that you have the opportunity to relax, centrally fixate, and move to release your eye from strain and regain clarity.