The Top Question for Clients and Customers

The top question for clients I can think of at the moment is this: Are you doing something everyday that increases your overall sense of ease in your life and improves your energy flow in the body?

In other words: Are you doing something everyday that results in an improving aspect of your health and well-being?

I have been doing something everyday for the past five years since starting along this line of business and my health and well-being in some way has improved every day.

  • my breathing is better
  • my posture is better
  • my confidence is better
  • I feel better on average all the time than before

In my book, “The Cure For Blur” I outline not only methods, but the in-depth philosophical underpinnings of the psycho-physiological growth that the process of improving on a daily basis entails. You can buy it directly through this link: CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE

So what’s your answer? Are you getting those results everyday?

There are many practices you can do outside of those listed in the Cure for Blur Book. You can dance. You can work on expanding your comfort zone. You can eat better. You can sleep better. There are plenty of options, but the key is to keep hammering away at your old self to let your new self shine through.

If you’re not yet making it happen for yourself, I highly recommend getting coaching uniquely tailored to making the habit stick. It is a one time payment of $999.99* (yep, $1000 with a penny for you to keep, for your thoughts). And you will get 30 days of coaching. Sessions will be as long as necessary but will probably take less than 30 minutes a day most days – when you’ve done the work and are feeling the momentum on your own then you won’t need help.

But here’s the great part. If you actually succeed to instill in yourself the habit that makes your health and well-being improve every day, I will acknowledge that you met me halfway and you will get a refund of $500. So the total cost of giving yourself a habit that brings your health and happiness to a new horizon with every passing sunset will only be $499.99*.

If you’d like to consider this coaching option. You must first purchase and read the e-book. When you purchase it I will send you an e-mail and you can contact me after you’ve completed it to see about working together.

– with ease and clarity,





*I will not turn away people for lack of funds, but they must make a financial commitment of significance to them.