Why does vision get blurry when I’m tired?

So here’s the thought of the day. Muscles can get fatigued and overworked. Eye muscles are muscles. Eye muscles can get fatigued and overworked.

Fatigued muscles don’t provide the desired effect that non-fatigued muscles provide. Eye muscles can become fatigued eye muscles and then don’t provide the same quality of vision as non-fatigued eye muscles.

What is the difference between fatigued eyes and non-fatigued eyes?

On one end of the spectrum eyes can be so fatigued that they can barely stay open, let alone focus on something specific like a moving target in the distance.

On an experiential level, think about what it means to have tired eyes. That means you have the desire to close your eyes. And thus when you are looking at something, you are also feeling the urge to not look at it, because you want to close your eyes to sleep.

Since you are tired, you must put extra effort just to keep your eyes – you are essentially having to push yourself physically.

If this sounds like you, you might benefit from simply trying to close your eyes and notice how it feels. If it feels better to close your eyes and rest, then you probably are benefiting from this eye exercise.

Except it’s not about exercise. It’s about relaxation. It’s about refreshing your system by taking a break.

Just three minutes with your eyes closed and gently breathing and getting in tune with your body can make such a difference.

But again, simply consider the mechanisms involved. Your vision is determined by co-ordinated muscle movements. The muscles must both contract and relax in co-ordinated non-competing manners. I don’t mean to make it complicated, but the point is that vision CAN get complicated. The point is that being tired and still trying to see is a very foundational essential complication of vision. Being tired by definition means the body is in want of rest. We get rest by closing our eyes. We see things by opening our eyes.

There’s a conflict.

It’s a good thing to identify the conflict because then we can resolve it.

Who’s voting for being tired all the time and not resting?


Who’s voting for living in a way so that you are never tired at inappropriate times and sleep and rest in a consistent manner?

Since I know you’re a smart person, you picked the latter.

But being smart doesn’t mean being effective. It’s not enough to just “know” that you should sleep better or eat better or remove your glasses.

You have to take action. You have to do different things to get different results.

So close your eyes and see your vision restored. Understand that by managing to take on a primary conflict head on, you are setting the stage for unobstructed vision because you can not see your best without getting rest.

Not enough rest = not seeing the best

Why? Because your muscles need to be fresh. They need to be energized. They need to be quickly responsive.

What happens when muscles get overworked?

They get stuck. They get slow. They get SLUGGISH. They get into states where you do not feel like moving them because it hurts! They get sore!

Do your eyes have muscles? Do your eye muscles get sore? Yes!

So why am I so excited to share this with you?

Why is muscle soreness and fatigue a good thing?

Because if it is so simple that some of your blurry vision is due to the muscles just being overworked, then that’s GREAT because you can change that!

I am getting tired of writing this. So I will take a break.

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You’ll be glad you did,