Some sweet updates and offerings!

So I finally published my original E-Book, I Can See Clearly Now; The Strain Is Gone on Amazon. It’s available for $3.99 and it is a unique book. There’s a certain instruction about how to read it that will really change your experience of it. It’s not like other books where you just read it for information. Read this one for the experience.

Check it out at Amazon. Just $3.99!

Also, I’m releasing a new set-up for coaching.

Basic ($20.20 monthly): You get the e-book and audio program plus I will release 20 tracks per month to keep you on track. Tracks to keep you track. We will also have a brief session to touch base to see that you’re improving and releasing tension, stretching, getting better sleep, and just ENJOYing life more

Premium ($50 monthly): All of the above plus 2 30 minute consultations every 2 weeks

Super Deluxe ($100 monthly): All of the above plus 4 30 minute consultations and I will tailor some of the tracks I release to you. So if you want pure guided relaxation or if you want more guided visualizations or for me to discuss specific topics, I will do that for you.

Also, I am offering membership in the private facebook group here. I made the price adjustable since I really don’t want to turn people away.


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Thanks everybody!