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So today I ordered two pairs of glasses from one of the websites that sells glasses super cheap. I paid $21.95 total for two pairs!

I purchased one pair at -0.50 and another pair at -0.25.

I listened to a talk given by Todd Becker about reversing myopia. It appears he is a proponent of using plus lenses to reverse myopia.

Normally, minus lenses are used to correct for myopia and plus lenses for hyperopia. Note the difference between correction and reversal. Here we are interested in reversal or return to natural ideal optimal state.

Anyhow, I’m excited for my glasses because I passed the driver’s test at 20/40 and according to Todd’s talk 20/40 is like a -0.75 diopter prescription so given that I passed the test and see better than 20/40 if I would gain benefit from glasses it would be at a prescription of less than -0.75.

Posted by David Shlomo Hestrin on Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The link above shows the picture of my driver’s license that was issued June 3rd 2011. So I have been without glasses entirely since before then. It is April of 2015 right now.

So in less than 2 months it will be my four year four-eyes free anniversary. If you are not familiar with the phrase “four eyes” it is an insult kids would use to refer to someone with glasses as someone with four eyes.

If I had been wearing contacts, I would have spent perhaps $1200 if I didn’t need any doctor’s appointments. If I had needed doctor’s appointments it could have been hundreds more.

You can get out of contacts permanently today. Just start using glasses instead.

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I don’t know much about the plus lens method other than the basic idea that it will pull your eyes forward. I have tried it briefly while at a drug store and felt that it could be effective, but I didn’t like how it felt at all. Todd also describes his method as taking 2-4 hours per day. I am more into practices that take 5-15 minutes PLUS having a deep attitudinal shift that comes from a motivation and connection with nature.

But different strokes for different folks.

I am realizing that I have been representing some things as more complicated as others and other things as simpler than others. I am righting this. I am writing THIS. Hah.

Really though, eyesight improvement can be as simple as keeping the glasses and contacts off and then doing palming or swinging or some basic relaxing method.


If it’s not for you at the moment, or if you want optimization from an actual coach who has worked with people… seek that coach that fits your vibe out.

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You might be wondering, do I want to spend 5 months improving my vision? You might think that’s either too long, or that’s too short.

Well, of course you can cancel at anytime, but basically I want to give you the best I can, and I predict that within 5 months you should have either gotten all you need, or you are a pain in the butt client and I don’t want to charge you any less than my regular fee.

HOWEVER, I am going to give you 5 months to get your shit together. You will have up to 5 opportunities to talk to me on the phone or skype.

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Perhaps you are faster and finish in a month. OR you take a longer time.


1st month – you get totally comfortable being totally minimalist with regards to lens use and you get a regular practice that works for you that feels great and you do without complaining. Your sleeping improves dramatically but gradually.

2nd month – you get serious improvements in your body and feeling. Your sleeping has improved significantly and you have a foundation for peaceful practices. You see visual results

3rd month – your eyesight has significantly improved (your prescription would be lower if you went in and checked it), you have a peaceful practice, your sleep is better, your mind is clearer, and you are ready to do deep psychological work that breaks through old patterns

4th month – if you make it this far, you are a mature person who can handle real growth and see their own limiting beliefs and patterns. You discover a deep well of self-love and health and start to draw from it

5th month – epiphanies of deep spiritual nature and recovery of freedom and flow are returned on a deep level. you appreciate the awe of life.

Now you can hit the subscribe button for $20.20 monthly…

BUT that doesn’t really show me commitment so you know what? I’m not gonna offer it.

You can either commit to 5 months – which will give you the 5 sessions and unlimited online support or you can watch your vision get worse. I’m sure you won’t pick that though. You might want a consultation though, but guess what, a single consultation will cost you $100.

I am done talking to people that are not committed! They are just not worth anyone’s time!

If you have any question about your own level of commitment… WHAT ARE YOU DOING?

Are you just wasting time?

How much time do you think you have?

How long are you just going to be stressed and tensed and have lousy shitty vision?

If you are reading this you probably already know that maybe you have bad vision because of YOUR bad habits!

Maybe you have bad vision because something bad happened to you in childhood… and you’re still stuck in the past.

How much pain are you in?

When are you going to free yourself?

Are you even aware that you are in pain?

Don’t worry, I am not trying to hurt you. And I would never be a jerk to someone I care about… unless they needed me to JERK THEM OUT of their complacency. Some people are so cross-eyed and blurry-headed that they just need to be PULLED OUT of their ignorance.

That person might be you.

You might need someone to be like HEY… WAKE UP

Or also… hey you need to sleep now… come back when you are well rested and we can help you more.

So I am going to give you 2 options.

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Whatever you choose. Please understand that this is the best thing ever. Even if you choose not to do my program – please understand that eyesight improvement – IE vision improvement IE improving your mental focus IE improving your inner peace IE improving your imagination…These are of immense value.You waste money on glasses and contacts. You may spend as much as $20-30,000 on lenses in your life time. Think about that. That’s if you do not have children. Add children in the mix and you may spend $100,000 (or make your family spend that) you can even just look at your whole family your whole future is either going to get worse or get better.

Why should it get better if you do not do things differently?

I reversed it. I reversed it for others. I studied it. I can get you the results you see(k),