Get Comfortable, Get Clear

Take off your glasses or contacts now.

Can you read this comfortably?


If not, then print this out.

Now get comfortable.

More comfortable than that.

More comfortable.

Seriously, get more comfortable.

Adjust how you’re sitting or standing or laying.

Notice your neck, your back, your shoulders, and your back (again).

There will be a LOT of EXPERIENCES you need to have for full success.

This program is holistic. We are not here simply to improve eyesight. We are here to reach a relaxed baseline. To be able to focus. To be free to move.

These are three basic principles that you will see in vision healing whether my program or someone else’s:




Consider these three categories carefully.

Consider where you really are relative to your potential.

How relaxed are you really and how relaxed could you really be potentially?

How focused are you really and how focused could you really be potentially?

How mobile are you really and how mobile could you really be potentially?

I have not found a single person who suffers from vision problems to honestly answer that they are fully relaxed, fully focused, or fully mobile.

Every person that improves on these categories improves their vision.

This is basically a law.

If you become more relaxed, your mental focus will improve.

If you improve your mental focus, your relaxation will improve.

Think about it.

When you are confused (not focused), are you relaxed?

No. Confusion is not relaxing. Clarity is relaxing. Clarity is a focused state. Clarity is also a state of freedom. Clarity implies that you are not at odds with reality; you see things as they are and accept them as they are. If you did not accept things as they are, you would be active in changing them or trying to change your mind. You can experience clarity while actively engaging in change.

There are many levels and ways to see things. The idea of improving a fundamental sense has very broad implications on what it means to be alive.

If you can improve your vision, what else can you improve?

If you can release stress and strain, what else can you release? What do you have to change mentally, to release physically?

These are great questions to ask yourself.

You may find yourself deeply pondering questions about how to become a more relaxed person, have greater focus, or be more physically free…

But there are some VERY simple things to do that I want you to know so that you GET RESULTS from your endeavors.

These three relationships are keys to success:

Focus – Relaxation

Relaxation – Movement

Movement – Focus

You can always consider one side of the equation and find out what you can improve upon.

There may be times where it seems difficult to improve relaxation directly, or to increase focus, or to expand movement.

But you probably will be able to find which one of the three IS available to you.

Movement may be the most obvious since anyone reading this is moving.

Everyone moves. If you stop moving you’re dead.

Everyone who bought this program has eyes. Eyes move. You move your eyes. You can move your eyes differently.

You can move your eyes in functional ways or dysfunctional ways. There’s a spectrum. As you move your eyes more functionally, your vision improves.

Basic principles:

Keep the contacts and glasses off as much as possible.

Spend time where you are 100% focused on relaxation, movement, focus or any combination of the 3. You will feel all three in harmony.

Practice movement.

Practice stillness.

Practice mindfulness.

What does practicing movement mean? (movement of course)

It means that you can move better than that.

Watch dancers, martial artists, or simply people who move in a way that doesn’t make you think that they are stiff or in pain (look at babies or children or yogis). Realize that you too have potential like them. Perhaps you will not be a professional dancer in a day, or even in years, but you can move towards unfolding your potential as a human being who has been likely holding back very much.

Imagine it clearly. Imagine how you would move ideally. While imagining allow it to become reality. Move a little now. Or move a lot. Stretch.

You should be stretching everyday.

It doesn’t have to be a routine time or amount of time… just everyday.

What does practicing stillness mean? (corresponds to relaxation)

It means you can experience greater inner calm.

It means you can breathe and feel a peaceful feeling. It means you can feel more peace than you have before. It means that you can feel like nothing is wrong.

It also might mean falling asleep because you might be tired and must catch up. That’s simply how it is.

If you need to rest… rest.

Relaxation can be many things. Often one cannot relax since one “has to do” something. Then the person finds relaxation IN the doing of the thing. Stillness and relaxation are produced by whatever produces them – do not be stubborn about trying to do one technique that doesn’t work. Find out what works for you…


You should be able to JUST sit… at some point in the day and enjoy it.

You should be able to JUST stand… at some point in the day and enjoy it.

You should be able to JUST lay down… at some point in the day and enjoy it.

You should be able to JUST move… at some point in the day and enjoy it.

Your enjoyment of these things can INCREASE dramatically as your health and mindset improve.

There are also specific times when they are better than others.

I find just sitting very enjoyable after a good night’s rest and when just waking up BEFORE doing anything with technology.

I find just standing very enjoyable pretty much any time.

I find just laying very enjoyable at the end of the day…

I find just moving enjoyable pretty much all the time, though sometimes I feel more like being very still with my body and then the movement happens in my mind.

What does practicing mindfulness mean? (corresponds to focus)

Well, this perhaps is the deepest question.

One that I couldn’t really claim to have a full answer to. This is like WHO ARE YOU? WHAT ARE WE? WHAT IS LIFE? WHAT IS IT TO BE AWARE? HOW ARE YOU AWARE? HOW ARE YOU ALIVE? WHOAAAA DUUUUUDEEEEEE!!!!!

Yeah. That kind of thing.

This is about like doing what you want to do in life. Or being present. Or being aware. Or whatever it is.

Well you CAN practice it. You can be more focused in the present. You can develop this deeply.


Believe it or not, these are really the basic principles and ideas that you need for eyesight improvement.

You simply need to relax, move more, and be more focused.

NOW you might think it is not so simple to do that.

And in a sense you are right… but you are also wrong because… it REALLY IS THAT SIMPLE.

BUT… is it simple for someone to get over a childhood trauma?

Is it simple for someone to come to terms with their sexuality if it is not in line with their friends/family/coworkers?

Is it simple for someone to physically relax when they have health issues that must be resolved?

Is it simple to release the shoulder tension and neck tension?

Is it simple to change behavior patterns that may have been present for decades?

Well yes and no.

When you understand this on a very physical level to the point of pleasure and pain, you can have the type of informational feedback necessary to tell you that you are on the right track.

You should know within five minutes of trying something of whether your body likes it or not.

If your body likes it, do that thing again.

This program is built on some VERY BASIC things.

1. Learning how to sit better

2. Learning how to stand better

3. Learning how to sleep better

4. Learning how to move better

5. Learning how to stress less

6. Learning how to be intelligently positive about things

7. Learning how to take better care of the body

There’s much more than this, but basically these general categories are avenue for improvement. Any improvement will help you in general.

This is a big difference to other programs that are based on some specific set of exercises, patterns, or routines.

The problem with exercises and patterns is that it gives the person the idea that they are necessary and that they can expect some kind of time-frame for success or failure.

Often I am contacted by someone who has spent months doing some kind of routine and not getting results… because they don’t get the concept at the core.

I am expecting you to be willing to change how you feel.

Your vision will be improved when you stand properly.

Your vision will improve when you sit properly.

Your vision will improve when you sleep better.

Your vision will improve when you move better.

Your vision will improve when you stress less.

Your vision will improve when you are more intelligently positive about things.

Your vision will improve when you take better care of your body.

Consider all of those statements deeply.

Say YES to them.

Say YES I would like to stand better!

Say YES I would like to sit better!

Say YES I would like to sleep better!

And so on.

Think about YOUR LIFE GETTING BETTER on all of these categories.


Write down expectations for the future as these areas improve.


Adjust your sitting.

Can you make it better?

100% of people SHOULD answer yes because people that need glasses are never comfortable.

They might say they are, but EVERY TIME I ask if they could get more comfortable… they can.

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