Thoughts on myopia in relationships

I wore glasses for a long time actually and developed a bit of a career as a writer and healer after improving my vision enough to pass the driver’s test and not need them at all…

The basic conclusion was that for the vast majority of the population, having vision problems is not based on faulty genes but actually based in visual habits that could be predicated by psychological causes.

Most often, it seems that cause stems from improper educational environments that rigorously command individuals to deny their natural impulses and submit to the authority of the teacher.


A young person is looking out at the window or to their friend, and the teacher demands that they look at the board or their book… regardless of whether they truly want to or not. At some point, the person may have a very strong resistance to looking somewhere that they are externally commanded to look, but lack the confidence in their own freedom of interest being the rightful priority and the external demand of attention the offensive impropriety.


They attempt to do what they do not want to do – i.e. look somewhere they don’t want to look.

The problem is, the mind can really only focus in one place at a time as far as I know for optimal functioning. This appears especially the case when it comes to vision since vision is an event that is as in-the-moment as it gets and involves very quick changes – movement of the eyes – and what should be a natural shift of focus.

We are not meant to be so stuck in one place doing something we don’t feel like doing.

Anyhow, as a recovering myope, my whole life has changed immensely.

My mind functions better. I am more emotionally open and free. I am less caged in by fear of basic expression. I am not ashamed of my body or my movement or my sexuality. I am not scared of strangers or being evaluated…

And I am innnn my body and do not identify as much as a tense person.

I still have much room to move and grow.

I believe we are meant to be free from pain and strain and aim to get there/be here as such.

If a person is committed essentially to using glasses or contacts then they are not going to release the tense patterns of vision use.

This means…

They will not be experience pain-free vision.
They will not be able to mentally shift as fast, since their eyes are more stubbornly fixed (often to things that they don’t even feel like looking at).
Their emotional processing is stuck to a degree and they do not have a sense of what true relaxation is… because their eyes are never relaxed… they never truly see things in a relaxed way… their eyes are constantly held taut by their extra-ocular muscles… driven by some kind of subconscious or even conscious holding pattern…

I’m still learning though, and if someone is sincerely open to amazing magic happening, I’m all about it… but at the same time I have had a sort of issue as a health teacher and advocate of wanting to change those around me, which typically is not what people desire in a lover.

It’s not that I haven’t loved or wouldn’t love someone who wears glasses or has blurry vision, but it’s a key focus (ha) in my life to get to ever great levels of emotional clarity and internal harmony and I see (ha) poor vision as the most obvious sign of a problem worth addressing.

Most people don’t know anything about that…

But yeah I want them eyes functioning properly


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