Things you can learn

How to have full body orgasms without ejaculating

How to release chronic tension

How to find emotional freedom in uncomfortable situations

How to process old feelings and get to the present moment

How to breathe better

How to sleep better

How to have better dreams

How to move better

How to dance better

How to focus more

How to move quicker

How to be more flexible

How to be more relaxed

How to be stronger

How to be free from pain

How to feel connected with your body’s needs

How to be more emotionally expressive

How to have more fun

How to feel more playful

How to be more emotionally open

How to let go of things more easily

How to be more outgoing

How to be more alert and aware of your surroundings

How to be a better athlete

How to last longer in bed (even indefinitely)

How to feel good most of the time

How to know what makes you feel bad

How to have an easy entry point to meditation and spiritual practice

How to have more creative ability

How to be free from negativity

How to be free of subconscious limiting beliefs

How to eat healthy

How to actually enjoy exercise

Intuitive wandering

Sleeping practice

Standing practice

Sitting practice

Moving practice