Anonymous account of eyesight improvement

November 24 at 8:41 pm

Okay, So I got my first pair of glasses when I was around 11 years old.. It was in 1997 so its been a while now!.. I know/believe that I’m born with absolutely perfect vision eyesight… I don’t know/remember what happened since I had to start wearing glasses at age 11. It could very well be an old fear from childhood – but I can’t remember any specific situation…
I know the most optimal thing would be never to wear glasses but I’m not there yet where I can take them of constantly, since I’m having a job where I have to use glasses.. Also I still find that its way to dangerous to drive a car with out my glasses.. Riding my bicycle is not a problem as long as I drive slow and conscious..
I can not take them off more than I already do at the moment… I’m sure that I eventually will get rid of them and never have to wear glasses again – That’s my “goal” even though it might gonna take some time.. Rome wasn’t build on one day right! – so lets just take it from where I/we are now!…

As I said I’m all ready taking my glasses of as much as possible and its very challenging some times but its worth it, no doubt… My eyesight has defiantly improved just by getting a pair of glasses with less strength plus of course taking them of as much as possible..
When I’m of work I try to focus on getting in early nights and sleep as long as I care for – no restrictions!… Since November last year Ive been eating a low fat raw plant based diet only… Trying to relax, breath and spend more time in nature.. Doing yoga and meditation. I always find that I see more clear/sharp the first minutes after coming out of a meditation – It feels very nice… I believe these things I mention has helped me a lot with improving my eyesight naturally, plus many other choices I see as positive beneficial aspects for me….

What I have noticed is that my vision gets blurry if I stress, are underslept, or spend too long on the computer – so I’m trying not to spend to much time on the internet, and try to avoid these things as good as I now can..

How much more do you think I can go down in strength if I buy a new pair of glasses?.. I really don’t know how to figure it out…
In the beginning I did not see “perfect” with the glasses I’m wearing now and I felt kind of dizzy in the beginning, but after a few weeks wearing them it seems like my eyes “got used to them”, and now my eyesight is “perfect” – you know when I wear them!..

What is the next step in this experiment with improving my eyesight the natural way.. Please let me know your thoughts..

I post all my glass strength down below with all the details, from start and until now; nearsighted, correction for cylinder and astigmatism..

(The first number describes the size of my “vision problems” and tells how nearsighted I am.. The second number is the cylinder and the third number is the astigmatism).
As you can see the astigmatism on my right eye is quite big, but apparently I don’t have to wear a glass with astigmatism on my left eye any longer.
(I’m talking about the newest pair of glasses I have)..

Thanks for reading this…
I would also like to wish you guys all the best on your own journey..
Remember – it’s not about the destination it’s about the journey to get there!….

29-07-1997 R -0,75 -1,00 170 L -1,00

20-06-2000 R -2,25 -1,50 145 L -2,50 -0,50 80

09-10-2004 R -2,00 -2,25 155 L -4,00

24-10-2007 R -2,25 -3,25 160 L -4,25 -0,25 160

12-06-2010 R -2,00 -3,25 165 L -4,25 -0,25 150

15-05-2014 R -1,50 -1,50 160 L -2,75