Two Ways to Heal/Improve/Realize

I can spend time acting as though I have something wrong with myself or my body and taking the action that I think will correct the wrong. I can also spend time acting as though I have nothing wrong with me and act in the way that I think to act as someone who has nothing wrong with himself.

I can think “my shoulder’s messed up” or “my neck is tense” or “my back hurts” and then try to fix those areas maybe with massage and stretching pushing or pulling. And I MAY fix those areas. But I might not.

I think what would help more people faster, is to close their eyes take some real breaths and think “there’s nothing wrong there’s nothing wrong” “all is well all is well” or some thought of that nature. And they must continue to think a thought like that until it actually FEELS true. They must FEEL direct improvement, empowerment, motivation, and agency/responsibility for their physical state. “I can get better, I can get better” “I get better naturally” “My body has more wisdom” “I can do better, I can do better”. While doing this, see what happens. I find it very helpful to allow myself to both feel through discomfort, pain, tension, awkwardness or whatever emotions pass through AND to see it all as occurring within some kind of awesome container of potential beyond my cognitive perception.