A short story of improvement of short-sightedness



Here’s a picture of me, David Shlomo Hestrin.

The person you see in the picture above has very good vision. His vision is crystal clear and he doesn’t wear glasses or contacts to see that way either. He is seeing 20/20 or better. He hasn’t worn glasses or contacts since 2011.

Below is a picture of that same person from 2002 as a 17 year old getting his first driver’s license. He’s wearing lenses at a -4.00 prescription with astigmatism too. Without glasses he’s seeing 20/400 or worse.

beforeBelow is a picture of him at age 26. The picture was taken right after he passed the driver’s test without wearing glasses. The driver’s test requires 20/40 vision or better. He barely passed.


He began looking into eyesight improvement seriously in mid April of 2008 and he passed the driver’s test at the beginning of June 2011.

If you look closely at the picture of his driver’s license and compare it with the later picture, you might notice a slight difference. Look at my left eye on the after photo. Notice that it’s slightly off. The two eyes are not focused together properly. Compare it with the more current picture. The eyes appear to be in perfect harmony.

I recall quite clearly the experience of taking the picture at the DMV. I am not sure why one eye was not focused but perhaps it was because I didn’t take the time to fully celebrate the experience of passing the test and instead “followed” what I thought were “the rules”.

day6 109Here’s another picture. That’s me in 2008. You can see that I’m wearing lenses and that they’re strong enough to have a significant visual impact on how my eyes look. My eyes look smaller than they are (if I was farsighted the lenses would make my eyes look bigger), and also instead of just seeing my face which is directly behind the lenses, you see part of what’s behind me due to how the lenses bend light – notice my right eye and how you don’t just see face like you should.

But what I find more interesting is the change in expression. The change from a sort of skeptical smirk to a wide open smile.

My face changed. My personality opened up. My eyes opened.



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