My process is not about eyesight improvement or the Bates Method

So I’ve been working to improve my eyesight naturally since 2008 and was largely inspired by the Bates Method and Dr. Meir Schneider (who was inspired by Dr. William H. Bates). I did palming, sunning, swinging, and many different eye exercises…

But my real focus was on releasing excess tension and on becoming fully present and letting go of any limiting beliefs and psycho-physical structures that Wilhelm Reich may have called “character armor”.

In other words, it is about becoming present fully and in theory, when fully present I am totally healthy happy and in harmony with life.

I want to make this clear to clients and people interested in eyesight improvement to understand that a holistic approach has intrinsic value with every effort you put in (or every effort you realize need not be put in).

Most of the game has been to put in less strain. The point has been to not “try” and see and just allow vision to happen. It is NOT about putting in lots of time “working” on improving. Relaxation is it’s own reward.