Court Vision – Life Vision: Jason Kidd | Look Around!

So I am an avid basketball player and have seen players like Jason Kidd, Steve Nash, or Larry Bird make amazing passes where they are not even looking at the recipient of the pass! How do they do that?

By having great court vision. Court vision is… seeing the whole court, knowing where the defense is, where the offense is, and perhaps more importantly… where it’s going to go and how they can move the ball around to get the results they want.

When it comes to eyesight, wearing glasses diminishes your court vision because it improperly trains your eyes to not look at the extremes. The glasses are only covering a limited area and the eyes no longer look to areas where the glasses are not.

Contact lenses decrease oxygen flow and hydration, which explains why people complain about dry or itchy eyes. The added weight slows the eyes down too and the dryness and itchiness makes movement less smooth. Most people don’t like to hurt themselves… if it hurts to do something or is irritating, they’ll do it less. If contacts irritate your eyes when you move them, you’ll move your eyes less, and then thus see less.

No lasik is not a solution… it permanently cuts off an essential part of your eye and by definition prevents healing.

So look around.

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