Eyesight Improvement is Not About “Exercise”

“I tried all these eye exercises and they didn’t work”… “I’m going to give up” “It is hard and it took too much time and I didn’t see results”

These are statements many people make, and it reflects their lack of understanding of this basic principle: RELAXATION. It is about being RELAXED. It is about RELAXING. It is about having less stress and MORE FREEDOM AND FUN TO BE WHO YOU ARE.

You should never do something that you strongly feel you shouldn’t do. Relaxing is doing what is best for your body. PERIOD. YOU KNOW when it’s right.


So it’s not about putting in work. It’s about doing what it takes to relax and not doing what you’ve been doing to be uptight.

There are people that are in “more stressful” conditions that are more relaxed than you.

Do you agree?


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