Look for easy solutions to chronic problems.

WARNING: Kind of a gross topic! Don’t read before a meal!
So I used to have some toenail fungus or something. It looked like little indents in my nail and I didn’t know what it was from. I went to a couple doctors. One of them said that it had to do with the impact of my feet on the floor from playing basketball and there was nothing I could do about it. The other doctor said that it was some other kind of like fungus or something and I’d either have to take a pill for months or soak my feet in apple cider vinegar everyday for like 6 months. When she told me about the apple cider vinegar, I remember it kind of feeling like she’s like “being that cool person at the retail store that is like ‘hey man come back at 5pm we’re gonna put this item on the discount shelf later anyway’ and then winks at you”. Anyhow, I did the vinegar thing for a few days but I guess I didn’t have the discipline or expectation of success enough and didn’t keep it going and just had kinda embarrassing toenails. I read somewhere about coconut oil and started doing that and that was kinda good but still no real results.
THEN one day I just decided to rub a dandruff shampoo into my toenails. And guess what? They started looking better real fast. There was no longer the white kinda flaky gross grossness. I also tried to just rubbing salt on my toenails too. Not sure if that did anything but it felt kinda good. Now my toenails are pretty shiny and clean looking and I think in a few months they’ll look perrrfect.
BUT this problem lasted for like 7 years. I thought it was a nutritional deficiency (maybe it was in some way or sign of imbalance). Two doctors had ideas both which didn’t actually seem right – especially the impact from basketball idea. Both times these doctors acted like they had authority. I don’t recall them saying “hmm ya know I don’t really know”. I recall at least one of them giving me some latin name that I googled and found no real answers about either…
But there turns out to have been an easy two minute solution to something I’d had for Y E A R S.
There are probably so many easy solutions to chronic problems. Just why not? Why wouldn’t there be an easy solution? Even if we don’t know of one, why not LOOK for the easy solution? Why not BELIEVE that it’s probably out there?
And WHERE do we draw the line?
So you have cancer, diabetes, arthritis, etc…
WHY not at least BELIEVE that somewhere in the universe exists an easy solution?
WHY should we believe that there are no easy solutions, and that the best course of action will be extremely costly financially and will almost by guarantee harm our body?

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