My Favorite Methods For Relaxation

Okay so the best method probably has to be touch-related. I love touching and being touched. When there’s someone that I love to touch that loves to touch me – that can be the most relaxing thing. It doesn’t have to be sexual. It can just be loving/friendship. But closeness is so relaxing and really is healing.

Another method is dancing.

I know that a lot of people are uncomfortable about dancing which is why I recommend it too, because if you’re uncomfortable/afraid then you must face your fear and clear it from your body.

Dancing makes you feel your body. Dancing makes you move your body. Dancing teaches you about your feelings and how your body moves. Dancing explores how your body and feelings work.

You can dance alone. You can dance with partners. You can dance to no music. You can dance to music. You can dance to your own music. I like making up music while dancing to my own music. Try it out. Make a beat by making some kind of noises in a rhythm and move your body in rhythm to that.


Then do it again and again.

Sleep and rest are another pair of favorite activities. There is nothing better than sleep when I am tired, other than sex/love and then maybe sleeping after. If I’m not tired, then I don’t need sleep, and I can do what I wrote earlier in the article OR

I can meditate.

Meditation for me is just sitting still and breathing and paying attention to what I’m feeling and thinking.

Note: I do not try to “clear” my mind. I try to hear my body – and listen to its subtle wants and needs.

There are also some major nutritional/exercise related activities that make a dramatic effect. I like to eat a lot of greens and plenty of fruit, and I like to exercise and play for a long time.


And organizing.

Organizing makes a very calming impact on my life.

So if you’re reading this now, (reading is good too), then you are READY to do something now. You can either do one of the methods I discussed here, OR, you can add me on skype and we can discuss a coaching set-up that will meet your needs.

My contact details are: david.shlomo.hestrin on skype. Just search for that and you will find me.

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