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Before you consider my story, consider a more global picture. The image above comes from a Nature article about Myopia (nearsightedness) in 20 year olds and shows how it rose from 1940 to 1990.

Look at the drastic increase.

Would you attribute that to genetics? I wouldn’t.

If not genetics, then what? How about over-prescribing of glasses, less time outdoors, and way more time indoors staring at screens.

That’s why my teaching program can be totally EYES free because I recorded it in audio and my coaching calls are over the phone or skype… people’s eyes need rests from staring and staying indoors so much.

Anyhow, if you conclude like I have that the blurry vision of most people comes from their BEHAVIORS and environments… you can simply change both and get improvements… as I did and many others too.

So here’s my story in brief: I wore glasses since around puberty without thinking much of it. I read a lot of books. Spent a lot of time on the computer. And I was not a super relaxed person.

Then I learned about the connection between stress and strain and blur and relaxation and cure. And I began to apply and apply and apply until my eyes relaxed and my spirit released and allowed me to see clearly. Very simple, but also very subtle and also everything that “kept me tense” obviously had some kind of “hold” on me so releasing that obviously had some great significance.

If you could just release all your excess tension… would you?

Perhaps you think your tension protects you somehow. Perhaps you feel safer feeling in your head and separated from the world by a thick coat of blur and lenses in between you.

But that’s not why you’re here. You’re here to get clear and I hope my story and inspiration and words will help you get there. So again here’s my story in brief:

Here’s my before pic. That’s a restrictive lens correction. Those glasses are -4.00 in one eye and -3.75 in the other. That roughly means that I had 20/400 vision in the distance.

That means I couldn’t read the top letter of the eye chart…

I would need the top letter to be twice the size to read it.before

Below is my updated license after passing the driver’s test uncorrected in 2011. I have been completely lens free since then. Seeing clear as day!


I credit Meir Schneider, Greg Marsh, and Dr. Bates as the three key people to my vision improvement other than myself.

I’d like to keep it short. I had glasses from around age 12 and took them off around age 24. It took me a few years to really get it but the concept that stress and strain caused blurry vision and relaxation gave rise to clarity made sense and seemed worthwhile from the start.

I experienced moments of clarity many times early on, which to me indicates clarity can be achieved very quickly for people by getting in the right mind state. I have worked with a variety of clients now and seen some get extremely quick results because essentially it simply involves a relaxation of muscles.

Yet, since those muscles are part of a person’s being and personality, that relaxation can have more significant meaning than just moving the muscles and letting them go.

It is nothing short of a powerful amazing transformation. For those that are ready to soften their hardness and let go of the tension that holds them back from being who they are. For those that are willing to be direct and clear with their feelings. To see and be seen.

This is for you.

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