No More Reading Necessary to Improve Your Eyesight!

If you’ve been waiting for an audio program to help you improve your eyesight naturally. Look no further.

Here’s the track list:

  1.  Body In Formation
  2. Changing How You Feel to Get in Touch with the Real
  3. Cold Showers Hot Orgasms
  4. Do Something Different for Tension
  5. Feelings in Bed
  6. Getting Started Removing Glasses and Contacts
  7. Going to Bed Technique
  8. Guided Bedtime Relaxation
  9. Guided Movement Dance Tension Release
  10. Guided Palming
  11. In Bed – Positive Associations. Using Reminders
  12. Make Sounds
  13. Meditation Clarity Emptiness
  14. Palming in Bed
  15. Quiet Meditation
  16. Seeing Static Screens vs. Seeing Moving Things
  17. Simple Sexual Feeling
  18. Stretching is Valuable
  19. Use the Morning to Release Tension
  20. Using Games for Relaxation

Approximately 200 minutes (more than 3 hours)

Click here and for $20.20 you will be feeling better in no time.


Disclaimer: This is not meant to replace medical intervention. This does not qualify to operate machinery or vehicles legally until you actually pass the driver’s test (as I did) by improving your eyesight. YMMV.

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