The Thank You Text For My Audio Program

Hey here’s the text (other than the download link which is a purchase link) for my thank you letter for people that purchase my 70+ track, 15 hour Audio Program. Please read it to motivate yourself and understand the work:

Thank you for purchasing the Audio Program.

Understand that at its core I want you to be doing things WITHOUT my instruction.

I created the audio program to accelerate your learning and to help keep you on track so that you keep going and never quit…


The idea is for you to develop habits such as:

Improving how you sit.

Improving how you stand.

Improving how you move.

Improving how you sleep.

Improving how you see.

Being more relaxed, comfortable, confident, flexible, and energetic overall.

These are things that will NOT happen simply from listening to someone talk.

These things will happen through your dedicated action and your change of mind.

So when you’re listening to the audio, either focus closely on the feelings and words I’m saying OR focus on DOING the activity that I describe.

Many times I simply describe HOW I use(d) time in bed to help release tension and get better rest and see clearer. You can listen while in bed as well and focus on your own body to release tension and get better rest.

For the standing tracks: you can stand too and just focus on how you’re standing.

For the sitting tracks: you can sit too and just focus on how you’re sitting.


Do not just stop at listening once.

Listen and then do the activity I am describing WITHOUT listening to any track – purely pay attention to your own body.

Then repeat the process. Again and again.

Do NOT over-do it. Do not “TRY” too hard with this. Do not “TRY” to finish the program quickly. Simply go at the pace that feels right.

Once you can easily sit in meditation, easily enjoy standing exercises, easily explore intuitive movement and dance, and can directly feel your emotions and thoughts… then you have learned a LOT.

And the learning will continue.

If you have trouble simply sitting on the ground cross legged, then consider how much better you’d feel if you didn’t have trouble just sitting.

Do you feel tense and uncomfortable in bed at night most nights? Imagine being relaxed and LOVING your experiences in bed.

Do you get stiff or notice a bunch of discomfort when you try to simply do a standing exercise? Well consider how much different your life would be if you could simply stand confidently and relaxed. HUGE impact.

These are the changes in your life I want to give you with this program.

These are the changes I have found in my life through my work.

This is what you can expect to get if you listen to the program AND do the work.

If you put in the time to actively listen and follow along, then you will certainly get MAJOR results.

Also, I set up the files with a couple folders so that you can put the files into the folders after you have completed them. Doing so will help you feel a sense of accomplishment and it will also organize the files so that you know which you like to listen to and which one listen was good enough.

I have been working on these over the course of 5 years and despite the fact that these audio files are totally raw recordings of me, I am confident you will get the value from them since they are ME ACTUALLY WALKING THE WALK and talking the talk.

I know that if you make this decision to get MORE motivated and have a sort of personal commitment to making these changes and getting my guidance… you will SUCCEED faster than you probably would on your own.

I put in literally thousands of hours into this practice… and these hours represent the synthesis of understanding of all those years and effort into 15 hours of direct explanation, instruction, and sharing of experience.

Thank you for purchasing this and supporting my program. As you may already know from watching me on,, or my websites… you know that I have been dedicated to sharing value with you and the whole world since 2009. Your purchases are meaningful financial support to this program and truly help other people get access to this essential information for having a better life… naturally.

So from my heart to you, I say thank you. Being able to help people live a better life has been my dream and career focus and I am dedicated to this. If you have any feeling that anything is not satisfying or that you could use more instruction or you have any lack of clarity after using this, feel free to contact me and I will make things more clear for you.

But you probably get it by now. And now you can move on and download the program!!!

You can download the Audio Program here: Buy the Audio Program Here! (the price is suggested – you can modify it in either direction)

You can contact me with any support questions at: (858)848-0444

Thanks again,


Monday, August 24 2015

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