Thoughts on the Health Care Situation

I think you can understand how this gets people fighting that shouldn’t fight at all. I read that Americans spend 3.2 trillion per year on “health care” – $9,990 per year per person. What do they spend that money on?

Some people may be unfortunate cases/disabilities etc… but the vast majority of the costs come from people that get sick from their lifestyles and then go to doctors and a “healthcare” system that doesn’t actually lead to changes in lifestyle.

People don’t sleep enough, eat enough healthy food, exercise enough, or practice what they need to in order to maintain general good health.

Why should people be forced to literally work in order to pay for someone else to go to doctors who will prescribe literally heroine so that they can continue eating junk food and not exercise and not feel the pain that results from their shit lifestyles.

Don’t get me wrong. I do not oppose collectively paying for education or collectively paying for health research or collectively even paying for heroine…


But we don’t.

How would YOU spend $10,000 per year on health care for yourself or for someone else?

How much money also do we have to spend? Infinite?

If we have a limit of money to spend we have to budget it wisely.

Does it look like the government budgets the money wisely? No. So some people say they don’t want to give the money their money for the budget to spend it.

The government COULD have had better school lunch programs. The government COULD have had classes in school that teach how to eat right, exercise, and they COULD have had classes start later so that kids could learn to get enough sleep.

But they didn’t. And they don’t. So many of us won’t trust the government with more of our money.

$9,990 per year per person. That just costs too much. People shouldn’t be spending that much. It doesn’t make sense. Imagine if everyone could afford to pay that. Like this ideal magic world where every adults makes $100k or whatever. Isn’t that still too much?

Because it’s not just spending $9,990 per person per year… it’s being SO SICK that we’re paying $9,990 per person per year… and it’s not even solving the disease. People are literally mostly paying for pain killers and drugs related to obesity. Check out these facts:


“During 2007–2010, half of the total U.S. population consumed <1 cup of fruit and <1.5 cups of vegetables daily; 76% did not meet fruit intake recommendations, and 87% did not meet vegetable intake recommendations ”

“During 2007–2010, 60% of children consumed fewer cup equivalents of fruit than recommended, and 93% consumed fewer vegetables than recommended”

Note that a cup of fruit tends to be around 100 calories or less. A cup of vegetables even less than 100. Most people get less than 10% of their calories from fruits and vegetables. Where do they get the other 90%?



“Percent of adults 18 years of age and over who met the Physical Activity Guidelines for aerobic physical activity: 49.0%
Percent of adults 18 years of age and over who met the Physical Activity Guidelines for both aerobic physical and muscle-strengthening activity: 20.9%”



“1 in 3 adults don’t get enough sleep”…/rele…/2016/p0215-enough-sleep.html

“Percent of persons using at least one prescription drug in the past 30 days: 48.7% (2009-2012)
Percent of persons using three or more prescription drugs in the past 30 days: 21.8% (2009-2012)
Percent of persons using five or more prescription drugs in the past 30 days: 10.7% (2009-2012)

Physician office visits

Number of drugs ordered or provided: 2.3 billion
Percent of visits involving drug therapy: 67.2%
Most frequently prescribed therapeutic classes:
Antihyperlipidemic agents

Hospital outpatient department visits

Number of drugs ordered or provided: 329.2 million
Percent of visits involving drug therapy: 72.5%
Most frequently prescribed therapeutic classes
Antidiabetic agents
Antihyperlipidemic agents”


OBVIOUSLY you don’t believe in shit healthcare. You believe in GOOD healthcare that heals and helps and doesn’t cost more than it should. But that’s not what’s actually in place. People live unhealthy lifestyles and have poor health. An intelligent and compassionate approach would FIRST see to it that people eat well, exercise, sleep well etc… THAT would be where the first dollars get spent. There would be a VISION where we don’t expect every year spending to get more and more.

You HAVE to understand that healthcare doesn’t come from nowhere. Professionals must get paid to do their work. Companies must pay to make their drugs. Hospitals must get paid. And all three of those want to make a TON of money. Doctors get paid a LOT. Drug companies get paid a LOT. Hospitals get paid a LOT.

It’s only “free” if you don’t have money so someone else pays for it. But it’s not actually free.

I TOTALLY support working for a healthier society – but I believe it’s current iteration to be MOSTLY a scam. I don’t think you will disagree.
Adults Meeting Fruit and Vegetable Intake Recommendations — United States, 2013
Eating more fruits and vegetables adds nutrients to diets, reduces the risk for heart disease, stroke, and some cancers, and helps manage body weight when consumed in place of more energy-dense foods (1). Adults who engage in <30 minutes of moderate physical activity daily should consume 1.5–2.0 cup…

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