Why does your body feel the way it does?

I think that there are reasons why the body feels “bad” when it does…

And I think we should pay attention to those feelings and discover those reasons.

Your body is not an annoying child or incessantly barking dog to either be reprimanded, scolded, or ignored.

If your body is in pain, there’s a reason. Find out the reason.

The reason your body is in pain is not because you have a painkiller deficiency. Although, if you do more exercise and get more sleep your body will produce more chemicals that will make you feel good overall.

The reason your body is in pain is because something is wrong. Maybe you’re too tense. Maybe you’re afraid. Maybe you’re mad. Maybe you’re sad. Maybe you don’t eat enough. Maybe you eat too much. Maybe this maybe that.

Your feelings might be based in your thoughts and emotions – not your body. You might feel bad in your stomach not because of the food you ate, but because of your behavior. Maybe you eat bad food because you have a bad mood. Who knows?


You are the person that is supposed to be figuring out what’s going on. You have a choice to look inside and find out what’s going on.

When it comes to eyesight improvement, to me this is the absolute key. Paying attention to how you really feel and owning it and transforming.



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