Young woman’s vision improves in 5 minutes

A young woman with around a -7 diopter prescription improves her vision noticeably within 5 minutes of removing the glasses and instructed relaxation.

Listen to it here:

I have to look at the words “improves” vision and provide some feedback because I expect people will be skeptical about it. I think the bottom line is this, what at first people think they cannot see, with some time and less effort (hah) they will see clear.

Whether it is just because they are not used to adjusting focus while wearing lenses or because the eye shape actually changes, is important, but more importantly is the fact that people’s eyesight can fluctuate and thus contacts, glasses, and lasik surgery are dangerous methods to approach vision.

The only safe way is to go without glasses and to learn to see better.*

Try this:

1. Take off your glasses while outdoors

2. Notice what you can and cannot see clearly

3. Relax a little bit, breathe, shake it up, do whatever to be more comfortable

4. Notice what you can see clearly and see if it is different than before

5. Go back to step 3 and see if you can do anything – you should be able to deepen your relaxation and comfort. If you can’t deepen it, because you’re totally relaxed, then go to step 4 and you should be seeing completely clearly…

More likely, you will have more relaxing to do so go back to step 3.

6. If you are having trouble deepening your relaxation, ask yourself how you could deepen it and see if you get an answer.

I hope this helps. This basic process of just paying attention to whether I’m relaxed or not and seeing if I can do something (or not do something) to relax brought me from a -4 prescription to not needing glasses at all. I passed the driver’s test at 20/40 and have very clear fully functional vision. As of April 22, 2014 I would not say that I maintain perfect vision because I still sit on the computer too much and strain my eyes, but I have not used glasses or contacts in more than 3 years and am glad for it.

– David

*Stay legal when it comes to driving. DO NOT DRIVE UNLESS YOU’RE LEGAL

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